, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 149-156

Rapid in vitro transformation system for liver epithelial cells by iron chelate, Fe-NTA

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We have previously found toxic effects of iron chelate, Fe-NTA on cultured normal rat liver epithelial cells (RL34). In the present study, when RL34 cells were exposed to 50 μg/ml iron of Fe-NTA for 15 days, besides the expected cytolytic effects in most cells, the appearance of resistant cells was observed. The resistant cells showed drastic morphological transformation, grew in soft agar, and induced hepatocellular carcinomas when transplanted into syngeneic newborn rats in a short period of time. Since DNA instability in the transformed cells was ascertained by differential AO staining, it is suggested that DNA damage by Fe-NTA is of a critical importance for extremely rapid neoplastic transformation of normal epithelial cells.