, Volume 28, Issue 3-4, pp 321-370

The genera Lithothamnium, Leptophytum (nov. gen.) and Phymatolithon in the Gulf of Maine

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This paper is the fourth of a series covering the crustose corallines of the Gulf of Maine. Information on anatomy, cytology and the development of the reproductive structures is presented to show that Lithothamnium and Leptophytum (new genus) are distinct from Clathromorphum and Phymatolithon. An additional species, P. lenormandi, is placed in Phymatolithon. The reproductive patterns and geographic and bathymetric distributions of the five species involved are presented and discussed.

The necessary field work for this study was made possible by the generous support of: The American Petroleum Institute, The Geological Society of America and the ONR (through the Department of Geology and Geophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).