, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp 17-21

An envelope-shaped film culture vessel for plant cell suspension cultures and metabolite production without agitation

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An envelope-shaped film culture vessel (named “Culture Bag”) made of fluorocarbon polymer film, which is much more permeable to oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide than other films, was found to be suitable to grow plant cells in liquid medium without agitation. Proliferous BY-2 tobacco cells showed almost the same growth in a Culture Bag of 12.5 μm-thick film as that in a shake flask; the growth was lower in a Culture Bag of a thicker film. Lithospermum erythrorhizon cells produced almost the same amount of red naphthoquinone pigments (shikonin derivatives) in a Culture Bag of 12.5 μm-thick film as those in a shake flask although the productivity was suppressed as the film thickness increased. L. erythrorhizon cells in a Culture Bag produced much less abnormal stress metabolites (orange-colored benzoquinone derivatives) than those in a shake flask, suggesting that culturing cells in the Culture Bag was less stressful due to its stationary liquid environment.