Boundary-Layer Meteorology

, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp 251-262

First online:

Internal boundary-layer height formulae — A comparison with atmospheric data

  • John L. WalmsleyAffiliated withAtmospheric Environment Service

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The height of the internal boundary layer (IBL) downwind of a step change in surface roughness is computed using formulae of Elliott (1958), Jackson (1976) and Panofsky and Dutton (1984). The results are compared with neutral-stratification atmospheric data extracted from the set of wind-tunnel and atmospheric data summarized by Jackson (1976) as well as neutral-stratification data presented by Peterson et al. (1979) and new data measured at Cherrywood, Ontario. It is found that the Panofsky-Dutton formulation gives the least root-mean-square (RMS) absolute errors for atmospheric applications.