, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 195-204

Colocalization of ADF and cofilin in intranuclear actin rods of cultured muscle cells

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Immunofluorescence microscopy revealed that two actin-binding proteins of low molecular weight with different functional activity. ADF and cofilin, are transported into nuclei of cultured myogenic cells to form rod structures there together with actin, when the cells were incubated in medium containing dimethylsulfoxide. In most cases, ADF and cofilin colocalized in the same nuclear actin rods, but ADF appeared to predominate in mononucleated cells, while cofilin was present in multinucleated myotubes. In some mononucleated cells, the nuclear actin rods were composed of ADF and actin but devoid of cofilin. An ADF homologue in mammals, destrin, was also translocated into nuclear actin rods under similar conditions. As a nuclear transport signal sequence exists in cofilin and ADF but not in actin, ADF and/or cofilin may be responsible for the nuclear import of actin in myogenic cells under certain conditions.