, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 227-241

Diversity and conservation status of Peruvian palms

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Indigenous palm species of Peru are listed with data on their distribution patterns, ecology, frequency, density in the ecosystems, and conservation status. Peruvian palm flora includes 140 native species in 34 genera with the following distribution patterns: strictly Andean (17), Andean and Subandean (3), strictly Subandean (19), Subandean and Amazonian (20), strictly Amazonian (78), Amazonian and South peripheral (2), South peripheral (1). About 43% of the species occur at very low or low frequency in the country and about 9% are insufficiently known in situ for their conservation status to be defined. There are no Extinct species. Sixteen of the 17 strictly Andean palms are threatened species; 3 of them are Endangered, while only 5 strictly Subandean, 3 Subandean-Amazonian, and 4 strictly Amazonian palms are in these categories.