, Volume 25, Issue 3, pp 289-305

Fourier transform measurement of NO2 absorption cross-section in the visible range at room temperature

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New laboratory measurements of NO2 absorption cross-section were performed using a Fourier transform spectrometer at 2 and 16 cm-1 (0.03 and 0.26 nm at 400 nm) in the visible range (380–830 nm) and at room temperature. The use of a Fourier transform spectrometer leads to a very accurate wavenumber scale (0.005 cm-1, 8×10-5 nm at 400 nm). The uncertainty on the new measurements is better than 4%. Absolute and differential cross-sections are compared with published data, giving an agreement ranging from 2 to 5% for the absolute values. The discrepancies in the differential cross-sections can however reach 18%. The influence of the cross-sections on the ground-based measurement of the stratospheric NO2 total amount is also investigated.