, Volume 17, Issue 8, pp 567-580

Review of oribatid mites as intermediate hosts of tapeworms of the Anoplocephalidae

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A list of oribatid mites acting as intermediate hosts of tapeworms of the Anoplocephaldae is provided. to date, 127 species of oribatids included in 27 families, are implicated as intermediate hosts of the 14 genera and 27 species of anoplocephalid tapeworms. The most cited mites families are Oribatulidae with 35 species, Galumnidae with 22 species and Ceratozetidae with 15 species. Scheloribates laevigatus (Oribatulidae) is the species that demonstrated most susceptibility, both natural and experimental, to develop larval forms of anoplocephalid tapeworms. A theoretical-methodological model for parasitology based on the trophic characteristics of the intermediate and definitive mammalian hosts is reviewed.