, Volume 119, Issue 2, pp 155-164

Floristic comparison of mesophytic semideciduous forests of the interior of the state of São Paulo, Southeast Brazil

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The floristic composition (trees) of 26 forests in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, was compared using cluster analysis and Principal Coordinates Analysis (PCO) with simple Euclidean distance. The results obtained indicate the existence of two floristically distinct groups of forests. One group contains forests from higher areas (above 700 m) with a colder climate (Cfa and Cfb) and includes surveys from Angatuba, Atibaia, Guarulhos, Jundiaí, São José dos Compos and São Paulo. The second group is floristically less homogeneous and includes forests of the central and western parts of the state, usually at lower altitudes (500–700 m) and subject to hotter climatic conditions (Cwa).