, Volume 117, Issue 2, pp 165-179

Shrubland formations and associations in mediterranean-desert transitional zones of northwestern Baja California

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The area between Ensenada and EI Rosario (Baja California, Mexico) has long been considered as a transitional zone in which two great ecoclimatic regions (Mediterranean and Tropical-Desert) overlap. The floristic and biotypical diversity of this area was evaluated by analyzing its shrubland formations from a phytosociological point of view. This phytosociological study, carried out according to the Braun-Blanquet method and supported by cluster analysis, describes sixteen shrubland associations from Northwestern Baja California.

Floristic diversity of the transitional zone was evaluated using two indices, endemic value (EV) and endemic community value (ECV), which are related to the degree of endemism in the flora and plant associations. The phytosociological analysis showed that the high number of shrubland associations found in this area reflected its transitional character. The closer the associations are to the transitional zone, the higher their biotypical and floristic diversity.