, Volume 29, Issue 4, pp 685-689

Analysis of randomly isolated cDNAs from developing endosperm of rice (Oryza sativa L.): evaluation of expressed sequence tags, and expression levels of mRNAs

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Using a cDNA library prepared from poly(A)+ RNA from 10-day-old rice endosperm, partial nucleotide sequences of randomly isolated clones were analyzed. A total of 153 (30.6%) out of 500 cDNA clones showed high amino acid identity to previously identified genes. There was significant redundancy in cDNAs encoding prolamine and glutelin. About 21.0% of the cDNA clones were found to code for seed storage protein genes. Consequently, 37 independent genes were identified. Using cDNA clones encoding glutelin, prolamine, seed allergen, α-1,4-glucan branching enzyme, glycine-rich RNA binding protein, metallothionein, non-specific lipid-transfer protein and ubiquitin conjugating enzyme the accumulation of mRNA during rice seed development was compared. Genes associated with seed storage protein and starch biosynthesis were expressed according to expected developmental stages. Glycinerich RNA binding protein genes as well as metallothionein-like protein genes were highly expressed in developing seeds, but low in leaves of whole plants.