, Volume 60, Issue 3, pp 179–184

The physiological basis for genetic improvement of oil palm in Malaysia


  • R. H. V. Corley
    • Unilever Plantations
  • C. H. Lee
    • Golden Hope Plantations BerhadOil Palm Research Station

DOI: 10.1007/BF00039396

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Corley, R.H.V. & Lee, C.H. Euphytica (1992) 60: 179. doi:10.1007/BF00039396


Yield of Deli dura oil palms after four generations of selection was 60% greater than that of the unselected base population. Total above-ground dry matter production was increased by selection, apparently through better utilisation of solar radiation. The dry matter requirement for vegetative growth was unchanged, so a greater surplus remained for fruit production in the selected palms. Crossing the dura and pisifera to give the thin-shelled tenera fruit type improved partitioning of dry matter within the fruit, giving a 30% increase in oil yield at the expense of shell, without changing total dry matter production.

Key words

breedingElaeis guineensisharvest indexoil palmphotosynthesisselection progress
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