, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp 747-754

Linkage of genes for anthocyanin pigmentation in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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The inheritance of anthocyanin pigmentation and the interrelationship between genes governing anthocyanin pigmentation in different parts of the rice plant and genes governing panicle density were studied in the cross Suma × Wanar-1. A ratio of 45 pigmented: 19 non pigmented was realised for anthocyanin accumulation in sheath, nodal ring, internode, leaf tip, leaf margin and apiculus whereas a ratio of 3 normal:1 laxy was observed for panicle density. Pleiotropic action of a basic gene (A) and each of the two complementary duplicate genes (P a or P b) was detected. A linkage group of genes localising pigment in six plant parts was identified, the sequence of genes being P nr-P lm-P la-P a-P sh-P in. This may form part of the III ‘S p’ group of Misro et al. (1966), in which case the genes P nr and P la are proposed to be additions to this group.