, Volume 62, Issue 1, pp 45-49

Inheritance of adult-plant resistance to Phytophthora capsici in pepper

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Inheritance studies were conducted to determine the genetic basis of adult-plant resistance in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) to Phytophthora capsici. F1, backcrosses and F2 populations were developed using the resistant parent Criollo de Morellos 334 and susceptible parents Agronômico 10-G and Yolo Wonder. Pepper plants, at 36 days post-emergence, were inoculated near the base of the stem with an inoculum suspension of 5×104 zoospores/ml. Segregation ratios in the F2 generation of 13 resistant to 3 susceptible plants fit a 2-gene model for resistance with dominant and recessive epistasis.