, Volume 298, Issue 1-3, pp 315-353

Checklist of the Anostraca

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In this checklist, we number the named anostracan fauna of the world at 258 species and seven subspecies oraganized in 21 genera. The list contains all species described through 31 December 1993, and those new species names made available in previous pages of this volume. The most species rich genus isStreptocephalus with 58 described species level taxa.Chirocephalus with 43,Brachinecta 35, andBranchinella 33 occupy the next three places. With the exception ofBranchipodopsis andEubranchipus each having 16 species, all the other genera include less than 10 species each. The need for zoogeographic study of these animals is demonstrated by the fact that almost 25% of the named taxa are known only from their type localities.