, Volume 322, Issue 1-3, pp 205-215

Shoreline displacement of Lake Ladoga — new data from Kilpolansaari

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Dating of sediments sampled from small lakes in the Kilpolansaari region, in the NW part of Lake Ladoga, indicate that the River Neva, which is the present outlet of Lake Ladoga, originated at 3,100 radiocarbon years BP This is in agreement with some earlier estimations but no consensus concerning the age of the River Neva has previously been reached. New diatom data provide information concerning salinity and nutrient conditions in northern Lake Ladoga prior to the formation of the River Neva, when the Litorina Sea occupied the Baltic basin and approached the level of the ancient Lake Ladoga. Some slightly brackish water diatom species may indicate occasional saline water incursions into the Ladoga basin but, on the other hand, slightly brackish water species also occur in the present Lake Ladoga.