, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 693-697

Identification and characterization of a hypoxically induced maize lactate dehydrogenase gene

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In cereal root tissue, hypoxia induces the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase (LDH); (S)-lactate:NADH oxidoreductase, EC In barley, both biochemical and genetic data indicate that five isozymes are induced under hypoxia. These isozymes are tetramers and arise from the random association of the products of two Ldh genes. The induction of LDH activity in root tissue has been shown to be correlated to an increase in LDH protein and Ldh mRNA.

In order to more fully characterize the hypoxic induction of LDH, we have isolated a maize Ldh genemic clone which has strong homology at both the amino acid and nucleotide level to the barley LDH cDNA clones. The Ldh1 gene consists of two exons separated by a 296 bp intron, has the expected eukaryotic regulatory signals and a sequence that has strong homology to the maize anaerobic regulatory element.