, Volume 167, Issue 1, pp 485–495

Gelyelloida, a new order of stygobiont copepods from European karstic systems

  • Rony Huys
Part Six: Harpacticoid Copepods

DOI: 10.1007/BF00026343

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Huys, R. Hydrobiologia (1988) 167: 485. doi:10.1007/BF00026343


A new order, Gelyelloida, is proposed for Gelyella Rouch & Lescher-Moutoué, 1977 (ex Harpacticoida), an enigmatic genus of freshwater-inhabiting copepod from European karstic systems. The new order is characterized by a unique combination of generalised gnathostomous mouth parts and unusual derived features, some of them suggesting a possible neotenic origin for the order. It is suggested that gelyellids have had a long evolutionary history and separated as an early offshoot of the main cyclopoid lineage.

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Gelyelloida ordo nov. Harpacticoida Cyclopoida relationships 

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  • Rony Huys
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  1. 1.Marine Biology Section, Institute of ZoologyState University of GhentGentBelgium

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