, Volume 167, Issue 1, pp 73–81

Review of the taxonomy of the Calanidae (Copepoda) and the limits to the genus Calanus

  • J. M. Bradford
Part Two: The Taxonomy and Biology of Calanus

DOI: 10.1007/BF00026295

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Bradford, J.M. Hydrobiologia (1988) 167: 73. doi:10.1007/BF00026295


Conflicting systems of classifying the Calanidae (Brodsky, 1972; Bradford & Jillett, 1974) are analysed and a preferred system recommended. Brodsky's system, based on characters with assumed adaptive and functional significance is rejected as is his claim to have produced a phylogenetic scheme. Bradford & Jillett's system, based on a variety of characters, results in a coherent classification which aims to be neutral concerning phylogenetic relationships among genera. Species of Calanoides, Calanus, Nannocalanus, and Neocalanus are surveyed and the need for further taxonomic work is assessed.

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