, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp 825-828

Nucleotide sequence of two cDNAs encoding fucoxanthin chlorophyll a/c proteins in the diatom Odontella sinensis

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Two cDNA clones encoding fucoxanthin chlorophyll a/c-binding proteins (FCP) in the diatom Odontella sinensis have been cloned and sequenced. The derived amino acid sequences of both clones are identical, comparison of the corresponding nucleic acids reveals differences only in the third codon position, suggesting a recent gene duplication. The derived proteins are similar to the chlorophyll a/b-binding proteins of higher plants. The presequences for plastid import resemble signal sequences for cotranslational import rather than transit peptides of higher plants. They are very similar to the presequences of FCP proteins in the diatom Phaeodactylum, but different from the presequences of the γ-subunit of CF0CF1 of Odontella and the peridinin chlorophyll a binding proteins (PCP) of the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium.