, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 749-757

A probable lipid transfer protein gene is induced by NaCl in stems of tomato plants

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A full-length tomato cDNA clone, TSW12, which is developmentally and environmentally regulated, has been isolated and characterized. TSW12 mRNA is accumulated during tomato seed germination and its level increases after NaCl treatment or heat shock. In mature plants, TSW12 mRNA is only detected upon treatment with NaCl, mannitol or ABA and its expression mainly occurs in stems. The nucleotide sequence of TSW12 includes an open reading frame coding for a basic protein of 114 amino acids; the first 23 amino acids exhibit the sequence characteristic of a signal peptide. The high similarity between the TSW12-deduced amino acid sequence and reported lipid transfer proteins suggests that TSW12 encodes a lipid transfer protein.