, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 905-910

Eucalypt α-tubulin: cDNA cloning and increased level of transcripts in ectomycorrhizal root system

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Because symbionts are experiencing major morphological changes during ectomycorrhiza development, the expression of genes encoding cytoskeletal proteins is likely altered. To test this contention, we have cloned and characterized in a α-tubulin cDNA (EgTubA1) from Eucalyptus globulus. A poorly-aggressive isolate (No. 270) of the ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete Pisolithus tinctorius caused no changes in root transcript levels of EgTubA1, whereas a drastic up-regulation in its expression was observed between 3 to 4 days after contact with the aggressive isolate 441. This enhanced α-tubulin expression coincided with the increase lateral root formation induced by fungal colonisation. The changes in α-tubulin expression support a role for cytoskeleton components in ectomycorrhiza development.