, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 525-529

RNA expression patterns of a type 2 metallothionein-like gene from rice

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A type 2 metallothionein-like gene from rice, OsMT-2 (Oryza sativa metallothionein-like gene-2), was isolated in its cDNA form and sequenced. By northern analyses OsMT-2 expression was shown to be induced under stress by sucrose starvation, heat shock and, to a lesser extent, abscisic acid, but not excess metals, including copper. Its response to sucrose starvation was transient and different from OsMT-1, a type 1 metallothionein-like gene of rice inducible by copper. These results suggest that while OsMT-2 is also involved in cellular response to stress, its function may be complementary to that of OsMT-1.