, Volume 176, Issue 1, pp 51-56

Influence of rice cultivar on methane emission from paddy fields

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Influence of rice cultivars on CH4 emissions from a paddy field was studied using four Japonica types, two Indica types, and two Japonica/Indica F1 hybrids. In addition, the suppression of CH4 emission by interrupting irrigation at the flowering stage was investigated. Patterns of seasonal variation in CH4 emission rates were similar among the eight cultivars. Two of the Japonica types showed the maximum and minimum CH4 emissions among the cultivars investigated. Neither the number of tillers, shoot length, shoot weight, and root weight correlated with the CH4 emission rates at the tillering and reproductive growth stages. Following temporary interruption of irrigation at the flowering stage, CH4 emission rates decreased drastically and remained at very low levels until the harvesting stage, indicating its great effectiveness for the suppression of CH4 emission from rice paddies.