, Volume 70, Issue 3, pp 269-279

Thermoregulatory behavior of a tropical marine fish: Canthigaster jactator (Jenkins)

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Ten Canthigaster, jactator, tropical marine puffers from Hawaii, were tested individually for 3-day periods in electronic shuttle-boxes (Ichthyotrons) to determine their ability to thermoregulate behaviorally. These fish thermoregulated with a degree of precision comparable to that of temperate freshwater fishes: range 23–31°C, S.D. 1.8–2.4°C, S.E. 0.3–0.5° C. The modal final thermal preferendum was 27°C, comparable to temperate warmwater fishes. The mean preferred temperature did not differ significantly between night (26.5°C) and day (26.9°C); the 24-hr mean was 26.7°C. Apparently at least some tropical marine fishes are capable of thermoregulatory behavior similar to that of temperate freshwater fishes.