, Volume 162, Issue 3, pp 243-273

Seven new species and two new subspecies of Sclerocypris SARS, 1924 from Africa, with new records of some other Megalocypridinids (Crustacea, Ostracoda)

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Sclerocypris dayae n.sp., S. dedeckkeri n.sp., S. dumonti n.sp., S. zelaznyi n.sp. and S. zelaznyi etoshensis n.ssp. are described from South — West Africa (Namibia). S. exserta makarikarensis n.ssp. originates from the endorheic pan system Makarikari in Botswana. S. woutersi n.sp. was described from Lake Albert where it is quite common. S. virungensis n.sp. is known from the Virunga National Park, south of Lake Edward (Zaire). The latter two species are closely related and from part of the flabella-species group. S. longisetosa n.sp., described from a marsh near Kisumu (Kenya), is an enigmatic species, holding an isolated position in the genus due to an aberrant T1.

Present address: Rijksuniversiteit Gent, Laboratorium voor ecologie der dieren, zoögeografte en natuurbehoud (Institute for Ecology), K. L. Ledeganckstraat 35, B9000 Gent, Belgium.