, Volume 162, Issue 1, pp 3-19

A redescription of the presumed associated Caligopsyllus primus Kunz, 1975 (Harpacticoida, Paramesochridae) with emphasis on its phylogenetic affinity with Apodopsyllus Kunz, 1962

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Caligopsyllus primus Kunz, 1975, reported from tidal pools near East London (South Africa), is redescribed and figured on the basis of type material. An amended diagnosis of the genus Caligopsyllus Kunz, 1975 is presented. Cladistic analysis falsified the hypothesis of a close relationship between Caligopsyllus and Kliopsyllus Kunz, 1962, favouring instead a link with Apodopsyllus Kunz, 1962. The morphological modifications are discussed within the context of a possible ecto-associated life-style. Finally, a standard format of abbreviations and terminology is proposed for the paramesochrid caudal ramus.