, Volume 144, Issue 2, pp 259-265

Organic acids in the rhizosphere of Banksia integrifolia L.f.

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Water leachates of the proteoid root layer of a mature stand of Banksia integrifolia were analysed for low molecular weight (LMW) organic acids by GC, HPLC and colorimetric techniques. Large amounts of organic acids (2500 μ g in 100 mL of leachate) were found in the proteoid root layer compared to the surrounding soil and leaf litter (∼230 μg in 100 mL of leachate). Citric acid represented approximately 50% of the total organic acids leached, malic acid approximately 18%, and aconitic acid constituted approximately 17%. Concentration of citric acid in the proteoid root layer may enhance the availability of phosphorus for plant uptake.