, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp 113-123

Incorporation of P32 in phosphate esters of the sugar cane plant and the effect of Si and Al on the distribution of these esters

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Good separation of phosphate esters labeled with P32 was obtained on paper-chromatography using the ascending technique in two dimensions at right angles.

The pattern of phosphate esters in chromatographic resolution was similar for both the roots and leaves of sugar cane but there were differences in the relative proportions of the individual esters. Significant amounts of some esters, of which G-6-P constituted the main bulk, were labeled and identified after short incubation periods of excised roots in the radioactive phosphate solution.

Although Al pre-treatment at the level of 0.5 mM Al2(SO4)3 stimulated labeled phosphate uptake, there was no effect on the extent of phosphorylation. With Si pre-treatment, however, a significant increase in the degree of phosphorylation was noted although no effect was obtained on labeled phosphate uptake