, Volume 185, Issue 2, pp 101-126

Bathycamptus eckmani gen. et spec. nov. (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) with a review of the taxonomic status of certain other deepwater harpacticoids

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Bathycamptus eckmani gen. et spec. nov., which is associated with mudballs produced by the. cirratulid Tharyx luticastellus, is described from bathyal muds in San Diego Trough, off California. ?Heteropsyllus minutus Wells from the Haden Ground, Scotland is considered to be its closest relative and is placed in the same genus. The genera Bathycamptus and Psammocamptus Mielke are regarded as sister groups on the basis of the shared sexual dimorphism shown by P3-P4. Relationships with other marine Canthocamptidae are discussed, and a re-evaluation of the genus Hemimesochra Sars is made. It is concluded that this genus should encompass only the type species H. clavularis Sars. ?Leimia dubia Wells and H. nympha Por are transferred to the new genus Boreolimella, which is closely related to Bathycamptus but not to Leimia Willey. The genus Perucamptus gen. nov. is established to include H. rapiens Becker and shows no clear relationship with the other genera. H. trisetosa Coull is assigned to Caroliiaicola gen. nov., which is regarded as being an advanced member of the Paranannopidae. H. secunda Wells is recognised as belonging to Mesopsyllus Por; whilst H. nixe Por is considered the type species of a new genus Pusillargillus.