Short Communication

Plant and Soil

, Volume 140, Issue 2, pp 315-319

Comparison of osmotic and allelopathic effects of grass leaf extracts on grass seed germination and radicle elongation

  • D. A. WardleAffiliated withRuakura Agricultural Centre
  • , K. S. NicholsonAffiliated withRuakura Agricultural Centre
  • , M. AhmedAffiliated withRuakura Agricultural Centre

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The influence of osmotic effects of aqueous plant extracts on the results of allelopathy bioassays was investigated for four pasture grass species. It was found that allelopathic effects were substantially overestimated when osmotic effects were not taken into account. It is concluded that bioassays using aqueous plant extracts are more realistic when osmotically adjusted control values (with the same osmotic potential as the plant extract being tested) are used.

Key words

allelopathy bioassay germination osmotic potential plant extract radicle elongation