Plant and Soil

, Volume 164, Issue 2, pp 291–297

Aluminum accumulation and associated effects on 15NO3 influx in roots of two soybean genotypes differing in Al tolerance


  • Dennis B. Lazof
    • Crops Research LaboratoryUSDA-ARS
    • Department of Crop ScienceNorth Carolina State University
  • Magaly Rincón
    • Department of BiologyMidwestern State University
  • Thomas W. Rufty
    • Crops Research LaboratoryUSDA-ARS
    • Department of Crop ScienceNorth Carolina State University
  • Charles T. Mackown
    • USDA-ARS, Department of AgronomyUniversity of Kentucky
  • Thomas E. Carter
    • USDA-ARS, Soybean and Nitrogen Fixation ResearchNorth Carolina State University
    • Department of Crop ScienceNorth Carolina State University
Research Article

DOI: 10.1007/BF00010081

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Lazof, D.B., Rincón, M., Rufty, T.W. et al. Plant Soil (1994) 164: 291. doi:10.1007/BF00010081


A study was conducted to examine aluminum (Al) exclusion by roots of two differentially tolerant soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) lines, Pl-416937 (Al-tolerant) and Essex (Al-sensitive). Following exposure to 80μM Al for up to 2 h, roots were rinsed with a 10 mM potassium citrate solution and rapidly dissected to allow estimation of intracellular Al accumulation in morphologically distinct root regions. Using 10 min exposures to 300μM15NO3 and dissection, accompanying effects on NO3 uptake were measured. With Al exposures of 20 min or 2 h, there was greater Al accumulation in all root regions of Essex than in those of Pl-416937. The genotypic difference in Al accumulation was particularly apparent at the root apex, both in the tip and in the adjacent root cap and mucilage. Exposure of roots to Al inhibited the uptake of 15NO3 to a similar extent in all root regions. The results are consistent with Al exclusion from cells in the root apical region being an important mechanism of Al tolerance.

Key words

Al exclusionAl toxicityaluminumGlycine max L.nitrate uptakeroot localization

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