, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 219-225

Albionella fabricii n. sp. (Copepoda: Lernaeopodidae) from the gills of Centroscyllium fabricii from the Northwest Atlantic

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Albionella fabricii n. sp. is described from the gills of the black dogfish Centroscyllium fabricii caught off the west coast of Newfoundland. Morphological differences are found in all the female and male appendages between Albionella fabricii n. sp. and A. centroscyllii, another species occurring concurrently on the same host. Female A. fabricii n. sp. can easily be distinguished from its four congeners by the length and structure of the second maxillae and the length of the uropods. A comparison between Albionella fabricii n. sp. and identifiable females of the genus Lernaeopoda is necessary, since both genera differ mainly in the morphology of the male. Two specific characteristics, the number of secondary denticles on the claw of the maxilliped and the number of setae on the exopod of the first maxilla, distinguish females of Albionella from those of Lernaeopoda.