, Volume 15, Issue 2, pp 107-117

Phthiraptera from some wild carnivores in Spain

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During 1987 and the first months of 1988, several carnivores were surveyed for ecological studies by means of radio-tracking techniques and in order to identify the ischnoceran species parasitising these animals. The hosts belonged to the following species: Felis pardina, Felis silvestris, Herpestes ichneumon, Genetta genetta, Vulpes vulpes and Meles meles. While no lice were found on the two first species, the remaining ones were parasitised by Felicola (Felicola) inaequalis, Lorisicola (Paradoxuroecus) genettae n. comb., Felicola (Suricatoecus) vulpis and Trichodectes (Trichodectes) melis, respectively. Descriptions of these species are included.