, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 95-104

The genus Orientodiploproctodaeum Bhutta & Khan, 1970 (Digenea: Cryptogonimidae), its synonyms and a new species

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Orientodiploproctodaeum diacanthi from Protonibea diacanthus and Lutjanus sp. from Pakistan and India and Orientodiploproctodaeum chinabutae sp. nov. from Nibea soldado in Thailand are described. Orientodiploproctodaeum and the subfamily Orientodiploproctodaeinae, characterized by an anterior muscular collar, are placed in the family Cryptogonimidae. The subfamilies Harutrematinae and Cryptocollaritrematinae are synonymized with the Orientodiploproctodaeinae. Multiovarium, Anterodiscus, Cryptocollaritrema, Harutrema and Folliculovarium are synonymized with Orientodiploproctodaeum. M. heteroforme, M. interruptum, A. biseminalis, A. triuteri, C. provesiculatum, H. marinum and F. indicum are synonymized with O. diacanthi. O. chinabutae differs from O. diacanthi in lacking a gonotyl and its associated sac.