, Volume 286, Issue 2, pp 65-78

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Macroinvertebrate community in the lower Ebro river (NE Spain)

  • Isabel MuñozAffiliated withDepartment d'Ecologia, Universitat de Barcelona
  • , Narcis PratAffiliated withDepartment d'Ecologia, Universitat de Barcelona

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We examine the macroinvertebrate community composition and dynamics in the last 60 km of the Ebro river (NE Spain). Different sampling methods (individual stones, Surber, kick samplers and artificial substrate) were used depending on the characteristics of the sites chosen (substrate, current velocity, saline influence).

The high nutrient content and the abundance of UFPOM is the origin of a high density in stones although no clear pattern exists between stone surface area and density or species richness. The high spatial heterogeneity and moderate disturbance intensity and frequency because of river regulation explains the relatively rich macroinvertebrate community and the low temporal changes in the community.

Key words

macroinvertebrate community spatial heterogeneity stone colonization substrate effect salt wedge Ebro River