, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp 113-120

Diets of four sympatric species of Etheostoma (Pisces: Percidae) from southern Indiana: interspecific and intraspecific multiple comparisons

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The diets of four species of Etheostoma (E. spectabile, E. caeruleum, E. flabellare and E. nigrum) were investigated from ten Order 3 streams in the White River drainage of southern Indiana. All species fed mainly on insect larvae, primarily chironomids, ephemeropterans and plecopterans. Dietary proportions, as frequency of occurrence, were compared using cluster analysis based on matrices of values of Spearman rank correlation, Schoener index, Jaccard association, and Pearson's r. Certain species and, in some cases, stream pairs within species clustered closely in all analyses or in three of the four. Most clusters do not show closer intraspecific than interspecific similarity and specific streams had more influence than species in forming the logic of some clusters. It can be concluded that these fishes are opportunistic predators.