, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 313-318

Planktivory in benthic nototheniid fish in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

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Four species of nototheniid fish were sampled from below the sea ice near Cape Armitage, McMurdo Sound:Pagothenia borchgrevinki from just below the ice 1.5 km offshore,Trematomus bernacchii, Trematomus hansoni andTrematomus centronotus from off the bottom in about 20 m of water near the shore. Scale worms and isopods were conspicuous non-planktonic prey, and present in the three benthic fish species. The planktonic pteropod molluscLimacina helicina was numerically common in all four species of fish. The planktonic hyperiid amphipodHyperiella dilatata was also found in all fish species. WhereasP. borchgrevinki is planktivorous in accord with its pelagic habit, theTrematomus spp. clearly also feed on plankton from the water column.T. hansoni is particularly planktivorous, taking smaller copepods thanP. borchgrevinki.