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Date: 03 Nov 2011

Parallel phase-shifting color digital holographic microscopy

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We propose parallel phase-shifting color digital holographic microscopy (PPSCDHM) which is capable of both color imaging and three-dimensional (3-D) motion measurement by using space-division multiplexing technique. By the PPSCDHM, instantaneous information of not only the 3-D structure of specimens but also the spectral image can be simultaneously acquired with a single-shot exposure. The PPSCDHM can be implemented by using a micro-polarizer array, a micro-wavelength-filter array, and more than two wavelengths of lasers. We conducted a preliminary experiment using three wavelengths of lasers, and then much clearer image was reconstructed by the PPSCDHM than that by Fresnel transform alone for each wavelength. Thus, the effectiveness of the PPSCDHM was verified.